Travertine Slab as an Outdoor and Indoor Building Material

by ivana September 30, 2021 0

Travertine is an outdoor and indoor building material used for floorings, backsplashes, decorative purposes, and countertops. This natural sedimentary stone is formed through mineral and material deposit in surface and ground waters or hot geothermal springs. The appearance has a concentric or fibrous appearance with different colors like tan, white, cream, and rusty kinds. This limestone form is also sedimentary stone with the sediments made with calcium carbonates like calcite and aragonite. Most slabs are one and a half-inch thick with unfilled or filled surface. Cutting and shaping this is easier than the other types. The stone is available in three grades based on its thickness, cut, and pores. Those with fewer holes are of higher quality, you can find this available at a professional natural stone supplier. Premium: this contains tiny filler and has gray or black discoloration. Entirely cut, the thickness is uniform and it does not have…